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Let’s talk remote staff. Most people think remote staff are only for big multi-national companies. Not true.

We’ve helped all types of small businesses cut costs with remote staff.

From book keepers to PAs, programmers, designers, customer service and more. Remote staff can help you cut some employee costs in half, or more.

How to get started? Two ways:

1. Use a company like us who handle the hiring, management and turnover.

Or 2. If you have some time on your hands, sign-up to a site such as Upwork.com and do the process yourself.

No need to visit other countries to interview in person, or having to deal with different legislation or any other complicated stuff. What you do need is a thorough set of interview questions, a Skype call then a probationary working period.

Now you’re probably thinking what can you outsource? To he honest, anything that doesn’t require someone to physically be in a certain place. It’s easiest to outsource jobs that you can document, and that follow a certain procedure.

With more skilled jobs, its a case of assessing the quality of work to ensure it meets your standards.

Wanna cut costs? Take action today! And it you need a hand, reach out to us: http://vortexlocal.com