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Hey business folk. As mentioned in one of our recent episodes, you should be getting your business listed in relevant directories.

But as you’ll notice, some of these need payment for your listing to go live. Usually around 20% of the directories you find.

So, how do you decide whether or not to pay? There’s a simple way that has been really effective for us and our clients.

Search for your key targeted SEO terms. For example, London Divorce Solicitor or New York Pet Grooming.

Go through the first 2 pages. If there’s a directory in that which requires payment, its worth paying. Assuming of course that one or two referred customers can make up the cost of the listing which we’ve always seen is the case.

And apart from potentially getting customers from the directory listing, this strategy will also boost the search engine visibility of your own website. The more mentions and links you get from sites that already show up in the first few pages for your targeted terms, the better.

Super short episode today but a really valuable lesson.