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When businesses think of reviews they usually just think of testimonials which help the business sell more products or services. This is a major benefit but beyond that, reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, Yelp, Facebook and Google help businesses in a number of other ways.

Number 1. The more and the better reviews you have, the more likely you’ll get higher search engine rankings. We’ve seen reviews make a big difference in how a site is positioned.

Number 2: Often, the way you respond to negative reviews will help you sell your services more than positive reviews alone! It adds that extra level of transparency that’s hard to achieve otherwise. But of course, negative reviews should be a small fraction in comparison to total reviews.

Number 3: If you’re running a Google AdWords campaign, and have accumulated 150 reviews over the last 12 months, Google will show these stars next to your ad leading to a higher click through rate and lower ad costs.

Number 4: Reviews on sites like Yell and Yelp help you get discovered on those sites alone and could massively boost your leads.

Number 5: You can embed reviews on certain pages on your site and often these will also show up in Google organic search results, which makes your listing more attractive and clickable.

We hope that’s opened your eyes and motivated you to get more customer reviews. And to take advantage of them once they have come through.

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