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Where you business is ranked in Google makes the difference between making a pittance or millions. And for those small business that don’t even put any effort into ranking in Google, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

With SEO, things can get complicated. You’ll hear people talking about over 200 ranking factors, algorithm this, search update that. Lets cut out all the noise and get to the point. What really matters most in getting your business more visibility?

It really boils down to three key factors for local businesses:

Number 1. Citations

Citations are basically mentions of your business. It’s mentions of the name, address, email, phone number and website on the Internet. The more quality, relevant and consistent citations you have, the better.

When we’re working with local businesses, we aim to get them at least 80 great directory listings which essentially are citations. So go out and do this. Take your time to do this right. If you haven’t got the time, you can have us at VortexLocal.com do it for you or just Google ‘small business citation services.’

Number 2. Links

The more quality, relevant backlinks you have pointing to your site, the better. In our last podcast we discussed reporter outreach and that’s one of the best methods of getting links to your site. The Internet is also awash with link building methods so we won’t go into this in any more depth. Just please avoid the black hat, spammy stuff as that will cause more harm than good.

Number 3. Reviews

Get your customers to leave reviews for you on a trusted review sites such as your Facebook page, Google listing, Trustpilot, Yelp or yellow pages. We recommend focusing on one platform and getting as many great reviews as you can. Reviews alone have really helped us boost Google rankings for some of our small business clients.

That’s all for today. Focus on these three SEO strategies and you will get better rankings and as a result, more customers. Then you’re ready to move onto more advanced SEO strategies so you can really dominate search results.