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If A Local Business Could Only Focus On 3 Online Marketing Strategies

Hey business peeps. You guys are time strapped. There are an overwhelming number of marketing strategies so for many, you just need to focus on a few to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

Here are the first, and top 3 marketing strategies we believe you should focus on.

Number 1: SEO. Spend some time doing the basics. Use title and meta descriptions relevant to each page and that also match what someone would be searching for when trying to find a business like yours.

Sign up to Google My Business; complete your profile and gather reviews.

Then, reach out to any business partners, acquaintances and friends. If their site is relevant, ask them to link to your site. And whenever someone mentions your business, see if they can hyperlink that mention.

Finally, get listed in as many local and relevant business directories as possible ensuring your contact info is relevant and consistent throughout.

Number 2: Create detailed pages on your services and useful blog posts that cover tips your customers would appreciate.

If you can, mix up the content from text, to image guides and video too.

Number 3: Sign up to a few social networks. Consider where your customers hang out. If you’re a home decor company, the most relevant places are probably Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.

If you’re a PR company, Twitter and LinkedIn will be more relevant. At a minimum post updates on your business and the latest initiatives that affect and benefit customers. Show that your business has real people behind it and you truly work to offer the best products and services.

Now beyond these, if you have the budget to hire people that will run an AdWords campaign, help boost reviews and more, do that. If not, make sure you at least get the ball rolling by moving forward with some, if not all of the strategies mentioned today. And if you need a hand implementing them, you can always reach out to us at Vortex Local: http://vortexlocal.com