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Hey, welcome back! So – in our no fluff value packed way of teaching you marketing strategies, lets dive into how to get press for your small and most likely, pretty boring business. Lets be real, plumbers, builders, architects and so on are all pretty boring. BUT, we can come up with angles so we still get press.

But first, why should you be trying to get press coverage?

The first thing that probably comes to your mind on the benefit of getting press is of course exposure to customers. Yep, this helps but equally, or maybe slightly more important are two other benefits that come along with that.

Number 1: The reporter writing about you will usually link to your website. That will help you rank higher in Google.

And number 2: You can showcase press on your website to help improve credibility massively. Heck, even if you only contributed a small comment to a random newspaper you can still use their logo on your site alongside ‘As seen in’ so you look super cool.

So – now here are 3 ways to get press. I’m not going to go into each method in massive detail but I’ll give you more that enough info for you to run with and make things happen:

Number 1: Sign up to website HelpaReporter.com – it’s free. Once you register as a source you’ll get three emails a day with queries from Journalists. Answer whatever you can. If you’re quick at Googling, you can also research queries and then send your opinion. If a journalist uses your quote, you’ll likely be credited. Send a few good, timely responses a day and within a month I promise you, you’ll have a few awesome links to your site.

Number 2: Jump on Twitter with your business account and search for the hashtag JournoRequest. Check out the queries and again, respond!

Finally – number 3: Contact local newspapers and pitch them an angle that relates to you and your business. Maybe you’re a small town guy that has finally taken his business national? Maybe you went through massive hardship and just starting your business is enough to inspire others? Or perhaps you and your business are doing something amazing for the local community. The angles are endless. Come up with one and pitch away!

Now if it’s the first time you’re doing this sort of thing, pick one strategy and see it through. Don’t over-complicate things. It’ll be easier than you think! That’s all for today – signing out!