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Find out the change we made on our lawyer/solicitor’s website that increased leads by more than 25%. An easy to implement strategy for all small businesses. Need a hand with your own marketing? Visit us: VortexLocal.com

Episode script (for YouTube, maybe others if they allow it):

Hi, and welcome to the first episode. Exciting times and we’ve got so much to share with you. We know that your time is valuable and there is so much content out there so our aim is to keep these podcasts as short as possible by cutting out the fluff and packing in as much focused, actionable value as we can. So, lets dive right in.

We recently worked with a lawyer and we made a number of improvements to their website to increase conversions. However, one change we made increased conversions by more than 25%!

We took a step back and thought about the industry. We also surveyed customers and potential customers. One of the biggest factors stopping them from getting in touch was concern about the credibility of the law firm. The site wasn’t doing a good job of instilling trust and people in general just didn’t seem to trust lawyers that much.

We know that video on a website helps to build that trust so we had a non-salesy video made where the lawyer explained how the process would work. He came across as personal, genuine and the video was helpful even if you chose not to go with that firm.

That immediately let to massive uplift in people getting in touch and contracting our lawyer.

So – the takeaway is really this – if you’re in an industry where you think trust might be an issue, creating an explainer video should be towards the top of your priority list. And even if you’re not in a so-called ‘trust-issue’ industry, an explainer video done right will usually help increase conversions.

There are a ton of other things that you can and should do to help increase trust. From having independent reviews of your firm, showcasing security seals & industry accreditations and more. More on that in future podcasts – until next time!